Let’s get this ship underway! Seriously, Papa Hotel time is in 45 min(only Pearl Harbor guys will get that)

Well, the first post is out of the way and the proverbial cherry has been popped.  Throughout the course of this blog, I will be reviewing and discussing some of my personally owned weapons, complete with pictures of course.  Unfortunately, at this very moment in time, I am at work and unable to do a whole heck of a lot for the blog.  That is, until I remembered that I had already done a review a while back in aught-nine on one of my most beloved pistols.  That is my Walther P22.  I actually made an audio recording (I can’t stand the sound of my own recorded voice) and submitted it to Mark Vanderberg over at the Gunreviewpodcast.  Before I throw this link out to yall and totally ruin my chances of ever having repeat customers, let me take a moment to plug the Gun Rights Radio Network(GRRN).  Mark Vanderberg does an outstanding job running this website which is complete with a slew of podcasts and forums.  The GRRN has podcasts from well known gun gurus such as Massad Ayoob, and even not so well known guys like The Gundudes(take everything these guys say with a grain of salt followed by heavy doses of alcohol to destroy the rest of your brain cells that they didn’t get too).  But seriously, these are great people.  They offer a wealth of knowledge and entertainment for gun nuts like you and me.  So, now that all that crap is out of the way, I begrudgingly submit to you a futile first attempt at a gun review.  Please enjoy and go easy on the comments, it was my first try.  The others will be better, more thought out, and definitely with less “ummms” and “uhhhhs” for the simple fact that they will be written out here and not recorded.  Going back to that whole, “I can’t stand the sound of my own recorded voice” thingy.  http://gunreviewpodcast.com/walther-p22-geoffrey-hayes-hawaii/

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