At long last we found it….

First and foremost, a huge thank you goes out to SayUncle.  I couldn’t possibly have dreamed of the amount of traffic my humble blog would get for being mentioned once by him.  Thanks a bunch.

It seems that the ammo gods have actually looked upon us pathetic followers of the .32acp with compassion.  While perusing the Kel-Tec Owner’s Group (KTOG) forum, I ran across this thread.

As any owner of a .32acp pistol can tell you, there are several problems with trying to use one as a defensive tool.  And no, I’m not going to flay the deceased equine with the old “9mm/.380acp is the bare minimum for defensive use” line.  I am talking about the lack of good quality ammo offered that will, 1) Leave the barrel of a mousegun at ~1000fps and,  2) Expand reliably.  Another reason it can be hard to use the .32acp in a defensive role is the fact that the cartridge itself is semi-rimmed.  Using JHPs that have a shorter overall length than FMJs can lead to a catastrophic malfunction called Rimlock.  There are different reasons that I and many others out there have bought and carry these little .32acp guns.  For me, I bought my KT P-32 as a contact weapon.  The only time I would ever touch a round off at someone with this gun is if it is up their nose or under their chin.  The added power of .380 in similar guns (read P3AT and that blatant Ruger copy) is not worth the increased recoil/discomfort while practicing because both rounds are perfectly capable of what I would use them for.  Plus, I like the slide hold open feature of the P-32 and the history behind the .32acp round in general(come on, it started WWI and was the last thing that went through Adolph Hitler’s mind).  But what I use it for and what others use their .32acp mouseguns for may differ entirely.  There have been many schools of thought and personal views on which round is the best if you are going to carry a .32acp.  You will never find a more dedicated bunch of people searching for that magic bullet than fans of the .32acp.  After looking at all the gel tests and info out there, the general consensus is that the P-32 is best carried with 1 round Cor-bon 60gr JHP in the pipe, another on top of the mag, and the remaining rounds in the mag should be the hottest FMJ you can find, usually Fiocchi 73gr.  The problem with the traditional JHP offering from Cor-Bon is that you get jacket separation almost every time.  I prefer my JHP’s core and jacket to stay together because I like the added artery slicing capability of the jacket petals.  This seemingly newer take on Cor-Bon’s already decent performer just may be that magic bullet that we keep looking for.

Dive! Dive!

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3 Responses to At long last we found it….

  1. mcthag says:

    Ranged weapon: you’re doing it wrong. Once you’re in contact you’ve given up 90% of the advantage of the firearm.

  2. Diego Garcia says:

    Thank heavens for SaysUncle. I found your web log from a link on his log, which I’ve read for years.

    A bad day in the air is better than a good day on the deck. Semper Aircrew!

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