One of those guys…

Every now and then, you run across someone who truly inspires you.  One of those guys, for me anyway, is Dave Canterbury.  He is a wilderness survival and self reliance expert, runs an excellent survival school down in southeast Ohio, and also has a hit show on the Discovery Channel.  The show is called Dual survival and he co-hosts it with another excellent survival expert, Cody Lundin.  So far, there have been two season of this show and a third has been filmed, to the best of my knowledge, but I am unaware of the release date.  Besides his show, that has all the applicable drama that you can’t seem to get away from these days, he has a totally kick ass Youtube channel called wildernessoutfitters.  It has been through this channel that I have learned so much.  Now, I love wilderness survival.  It was the most fun merit badge I had earned on my path to Eagle scout, and even after scouts and to this day I enjoy going into the woods with just the bare essentials to test my self reliance.  But in all my adventures, I think I have learned more just from this one guy’s YT channel.  He has sage advice that has been accumulated over the span of his entire life.  The best thing about this guy, he takes time out of his busy life making a living for his family and gives us these awesome videos that feature the same content that is given at his school.  He is all about spreading this wisdom and tribal knowledge out to the people.  In short, check this guy out, watch his videos, support him on YT and on his website, and take away some excellent knowledge that might one day save your ass.

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2 Responses to One of those guys…

  1. ChrisJ says:

    I love the show as well however Dave did not return for season 3 and Cody will have a new partner to break in.

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