Sending some rounds downrange with my buddy

So my friend Luis and I went to his ballistics testing site yesterday with a good chunk of both of our arsenals.  Some of the toys he brought along were a Springfiled 1903A4 (a very sweet shooter), an M-1A, AR-15, 10mm Glock 20, Nighthawk Custom 1911 (I almost didn’t want to hand it back to him), and three of his new handguns M&P45, FNP45, and HK USP45.  I brought along Nadya M-44, SKS, Maeve (10/22), 930 pseudo SPX, and my handguns.  Luis’ Nighthawk GRP was just a pleasure to shoot with its smoooooth action and wonderfully crisp trigger.  I have only shot a 1911 once before, a Springfield GI, and this one just blew me away.  If only I had a spare 3k laying around……  His M-1A was given a run for its money by my old Type 56 SKS thanks to the set of Tech-Sites I installed on it.  Few people think that the SKS is worth shooting out past 300m, but if you slap a decent aperture sight system on it and have a good sling for it, it can surprise you in a good way.  I brought along a new target to try out for the first time, a Do all outdoors impact seal target that my local Big 5 had on sale for $15.  What a fun target.  It’s not like shooting at steel but it reacts by bouncing randomly when hit.  It also caught a .22 round from Maeve that mushroomed nicely, pretty cool.  The manufacturer claims that you can shoot at these style of targets with anything from a .22 to a .50BMG thousands of times without hurting it.  Well, not exactly… I had made some wax slugs a few days before and wanted to try them out.  They worked amazingly well for a plinking slug load but left a .30cal hole in the impact seal target.  No more waxers for that target, thankfully we had a plethora of other things to blast away at.  I need to contact Walther to see if I can start getting commission on the number of P22s that I have sold people on.  Luis just loved that little .22 pistol and couldn’t get enough of it.  He is going to be picking one up very soon.  In spite of the Nighthawk 1911, 10mm Glock, 1903, and M-1A, I think the most fun I had was with Nadya.  There is nothing like sending a 174gr rifle slug out of the relatively short barreled Mosin carbine.  Sure the 1903 was cool firing full house .30-06 but it didn’t make near as much boom like Nadya did.  She is like a mini howitzer cannon.  With several hundred rounds sent downrange, shoulders sore, and huge smiles on our faces, we returned to his house where his wife had prepared a wonderful enchilada dinner for us.  Thank you Luis for your hospitality and for letting me shoot all your awesome weapons.  Due to the awesome success of the box of wax slugs I made for the trip, I loaded up 50 more this afternoon following my gun cleaning session.  And now with the house smelling of Hoppe’s #9, a semi-sore shoulder, and a huge smile still on my face, I’m going to steal a line from Hickok45 and tell you that “Life is good”.  Get out there and keep shooting.

Dive! Dive!

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