New blade found… sort of

So, a few days ago, I asked for some help in finding a quality, low budget bushcraft knife.  Well, while at work yesterday, I sat down and drew out a design for my next knife to make.  She’s going to be awesome.  I drew out a 5.25″ blade.  Starting at the ricasso it will be 1″ wide and slowly gain width to about 1.5″ and then with the spine it will taper to a point.  The spine will be straight with a slight drop near the point.  It will be similar to the Spec-plus bolo knife, but definitely smaller.  This will be my first full sized knife and will incorporate red plastic liners and a zircote wood scales.  Here is a picture of my design.  Once I get all the components together, I will keep yall posted on the progress.

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1 Response to New blade found… sort of

  1. wil says:

    looks a lot like the Puma Great Hunter blade. Theirs has a serrated bit near the guard, and a flat spot on the blade back for hammering, but the profile is pretty close.

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