Angst and concerns regarding this recent massacre

After watching CNN a lot today, the biggest thing I am struck by is the harrowing accounts of the victims.  The death of 12 people is horrible.  People also need to realize the aftermath of this is nearly just as bad.  In his rampage, this lone gunman has changed the lives and outlook on countless thousands of people, myself included.  As a father, I am brought to the verge of tears, seeing the victims in terror and shock, dealing with the loss or near loss of their children and spouses.  This scumbag has hurt far more people emotionally than the just the immediate casualties.  I have seen the heroes of today, local police, firefighters, EMTs, and upstanding every day Americans come together to care for the physically and emotionally wounded of this massacre.  Seeing the local police chief, clearly on the verge of collapse from physical and emotional exhaustion, deliver his speeches and entertain media questions, continue to go above and beyond the call of duty, warmed my heart.  There are far more unsung heroes as well, many of whom whose names we will never know.  These people deserve the highest praise and support.  While taking my family tonight to the local bull rodeo, there was a moment of silence for those affected by the day’s events in CO followed by our beloved country’s national anthem.  There were tears in my eyes as I stood proud with my hand over my heart, sending prayers to people who need them, more now than ever.  As the last notes ended, I gathered my family in my arms, looked them all in the eye and told them that I love them.  I can’t imagine losing them and I genuinely feel, from the bottom of my heart, for those that have lost theirs.

All of this further fuels my anger regarding the refusal of my God-given right to adequately protect my loved ones, myself, and others.  Regardless of my sworn oath to protect this country and it’s citizens against all enemies, foreign and domestic, I am not allowed to do so in everyday life by pussy-ass, ignorant elected officials.  This goes for people who are allowed to do so, but only in certain places, movie theaters not being one of them apparently.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there could have been one person that was able to stand up to this monster and stop him from killing and hurting so many.  Apparently human life is not worth protecting according to those that deemed it illegal to carry a defensive tool in a public place by good people.

This has been a terrible tragedy and unfortunately these things will continue to happen if the American citizen is continually denied their right to defend themself.  I am further dumbfounded that the media, politicians, and average citizens cannot get it through their thick skulls that increasing gun control will not stop these types of shootings.  The bad guys will always be able to obtain guns and other means to do harm to others, no matter what the law says.  Why take away the ability of the good guys to stop these events.  The American people are being turned into subjects instead of citizens.  What is happening to my country?

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