Who says Mosin Nagants kick?

My buddy and I just blew through 40 rounds each of my newly acquired 147gr LPS.  This stuff is a pussy cat to shoot.  I put 40 rounds of Brown Bear 174gr FMJ through it the range trip before this one and it was noticeably more rough on the shoulder.  That being said, I like to shoot 3″ magnums through my H&R Topper for shits and giggles.  That is recoil.  These 7.62x54r’s are a stupid powerful round.  I had a 2 liter full of water at 100m with an orange soccer cone on top to help spot it.  After a couple misses, the third connected and sent the entire top half and cone up into the air as if it were trying to achieve orbit.  Quite spectacular.  Another spectacular hit was when a 1gallon jug of Koolaid met one of my wax slugs from my 930 at 1200 fps.  I also got to shoot Luis’ father’s M-1 carbine.  This is the first one I have ever shot and I was so excited.  After the obligatory .22lr opening shots, some 12ga waxers out of my 930, and some 7.62x54r, Luis handed it to me Condition 1 and on safe.  Given the lightweight nature of the gun, I was ready for some(not a lot) recoil.  Safety off, and up to the shoulder.  She has a great sight picture, but I failed to pay much attention to the trigger.  Since nothing bad stood out about it, I can assume that it was fine.  First shot, I thought it was a squib.  This thing shoots like my 10/22.  After the first magazine, I went to reload it and quickly figured out why.  This was my first experience with .30 carbine and I never realized how small the cartridges were.  They look like rimless .32H&R mag.  After shooting it, I definitely want one, but I have been warned to steer well clear of the Auto Ordinance remakes.  The only other thing that sucks is the price tag.  In the words of Queen, “I’m just a poor boy”

Dive! Dive!

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1 Response to Who says Mosin Nagants kick?

  1. I love my mosigns probably my most liked bolt action.

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