I can feel the brain cells dying

Sons of Derp is back on Discovery.  I don’t know why I watch it, it hurts every time I do. Every thing they make has, “neva been done befo” according to Will Hayden, but they are mostly just remakes of already existing ideas.  Case in point, the Masterkey shotgun.  They took a Saiga SBS and stuck it under an M-4 and called it earth shattering and badass.  Too bad that has been around since at least the 80s.  For whatever reason, I still watch it.  Maybe just to make fun of them.  Unfortunately American Guns seems to be going the same way.  At least they make guns instead of assemble them from parts.  Oh well, I’m off to kill thousands of brain cells while watching this, wish me luck.

Dive! Dive!

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