A couple of odd SBRs

Whilst cruising around on Tumblr, I ran across this picture that labeled them as Mosin Nagants.  Of course, the only thing about these that remotely could be MN-ish is the turn down bolt handle, but lots of old milsurps have this.  The magazine is separate from the trigger guard, and they are sporting an AK underfolder stock.  These are pretty sweet, but I cannot, for the life of me, determine what the original rifle was for these two.  Any thoughts?


Dive! Dive!

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4 Responses to A couple of odd SBRs

  1. massimo7 says:

    those look like mossberg bolt action shotguns with rifle front sights

  2. ReductiveNut says:

    They are Tula made bolt action rifles (TOZ-122) in custom stocks.

  3. Zach says:

    They appear to be a mannlicher/carcano type of bolt. They look very similar, as well as the little of the receiver you can see.

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