The Centimeter

I get these urges every now and then for guns that I have no real need for.  Lately, I have been wanting to buy a 10mm.  This was pretty much decided when I was given the chance to shoot my friend, Luis’ Glock 20.  I was a little timid to shoot it after all the urban legends I had heard about it as a demon killer of a cartridge that would knock your socks off with recoil.  Couple that with a lightweight Glock and I made extra sure to have a firm grip on it as I squeezed that trigger.  Pop!  Well that wasn’t so bad, definitely noticeable but not bad.  A couple mags later and I was pretty much ready to go get one that night.  unfortunately, the old gun fund is a little low right now so I don’t have one…. yet.  I am pretty settled on getting a Glock model for my 10mm needs mostly due to the problems that I have read about with the 1911 pattern ones.  Now I just need to decide on which one.  G20 or G29?  I think it would be a great gun for camping, hiking, and even CCW.  I would like the full size, but I have heard good things on the compact and it would be a little easier to carry.  Whichever I choose, it will be the SF model as I find the regular G21 a little too thick for my hands.  And now that I want one of these, my first 1911 purchase is being pushed further and further away.  The most appealing thing to me about the Centimeter is the new ammo offerings from Underwood Ammo.  180gr Speer Gold Dot, pushed at 1300fps, for 676ft/lbs at the muzzle.  And the best part is, a box of 50 is only $30.  Go check them out.

Dive! Dive!

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