M6 scout replacement?

Well folks, it’s been a while since I posted anything, and for that I’m sorry.  I bring news of and a look at a seemingly awesome woods/survival gun.  Enter the Savage Model 42.

She is a combination .22lr(orWMR) over .410.  From initial impressions, we see a few things that are a win over the much sought after M6 Scout.  We are seeing lots of plastic which means weather durable and lightweight, although the M6 still wins at 4.2lbs compared to the new Savage at 6.1 lbs.  Still makes for a very handy little gun for knockin around the woods.  From there, it seems that this little O/U combo gun continues to be an improvement over the Scout.  It has a better sight setup, 20″ barrels, more traditional trigger, and a cross bolt safety.  The Savage website doesn’t offer much information about this gun, but it appears that choosing which barrel will fire is accomplished by a selector on the hammer, similar to the Scout.  I would be willing to bet that that polymer stock is hollow and would make a perfect mini survival kit compartment or ammo carrier.  Many things about this gun jump out at me as a nice package for a survival gun, and I think I might be picking one up in the future.  BTW, MSRP is $459 and is for both caliber options and this is way better than $800 prices for a used M6 Scout that I have heard about.  Enjoy.

Dive! Dive!


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