Sig 938 flop

There is a blog that I follow called Pocket Guns and Gear, an excellent and informative blog at that.  Bruce has been putting the new Sig P938 through its paces over the past month or so and it seems he has had it with this new pocket 9mm.  Here is the link for his final thoughts on it, but to make a long story short, even after 550rds of multiple factory brands of FMJ and JHP, two trips back to the factory, and a lot of disappointment, this seemingly perfect carry gun will not reliably function to place any confidence in it.  I know people that were very excited about this gun after its debut at SHOT, myself included, but after this right up I am starting to think that it might not be as great as it seems.  Mostly, I am disappointed in Sig, not their customer service, but the manufacturer in general.  This is a company that sells duty guns to Navy Seals, many high level government protection agencies and some police departments still that depend on their reliability.  Get it together Sig.  I think Bruce should ask for a whole new gun from Sig in the hopes that his might just be that one in a million Lemon.

Dive! Dive!

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