New take on an old idea

All the talk these days of a guy 3d printing an AR lower receiver over on arfcom seems to have struck a certain group of individuals in a reminiscent sort of way.  One of the coolest ideas that came out of WWII, in my opinion, was the Liberator pistol.  This was designed and produced in secret here in the states for one time use overseas by resistance fighters to obtain better weapons from the occupying forces.  The idea of the Liberator pistol is what really speaks to me.  Here was a weapon to be distributed in the thousands to oppressed people to help them attain freedom from tyranny.  A fine idea that anyone can look on these days and nod their head and approve of.  Fast forward to modern times and we see a similar idea starting to grow.  Defense Distributed is an idea to distribute a 3d printable one time use .22lr pistol CAD file everywhere for free via the internet.  Anyone with a computer and a 3D printer will be able to make one.  I can hear the anti’s now, wailing at how horrible this idea is, and that this should be made illegal.  Well, I have something to say to that.  One, you can thank our founding fathers and the countless people who have died defending your right to spout this sort of mindless, idiotic drivel.  Two, the amendment that protects the first is our second.  I am sick and tired of people saying that the second amendment is for hunting rifles and such.  No, it is to ensure freedom from tyranny.  It keeps the government living in fear of the people and not the other way around.  We are citizens, not subjects, and this modern-day Liberator pistol is a great idea to show any government just that.  If this comes to fruition, it will most likely be a piss poor gun as was the original Liberator.  But I will damn sure have it saved on my hard drive and other places as well.

Dive! Dive!

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