Competition fun

Teagan, my Glock 19, has passed the 1k round mark while shooting the monthly steel competition over at Escondido.  I know this doesn’t sound like much for a Glock or most service type pistols out there, and it really isn’t.  This is the first thousand round mark of many yet to come.  If you guys aren’t out there shooting in competitions, you really should be.  You don’t have to be good to start, that will come with practice.  Competition shooting is some of the best practice you can get and have an absolute blast while doing it.  It adds stress to your shooting, and although its not the “combat cocktail” you get from being shot at or shooting at someone (Gunfightercast jargon),  your body will react to it in the same way.  Competition shooting also points out your flaws and makes you remember them so you can work on it later either at home dry firing or at the range doing focus drills.  Be willing to accept constructive criticism, especially if it is about safety.  Don’t argue about safety.  If someone called you on it, man up, fix it, and thank the individual for pointing it out.  Nobody wants to leave with more holes than they showed up with.  The last thing I like about competition shooting is the people.  I’m a gun nerd and I love talking about guns, gear, training tips, or just about anything if it involves launching a projectile at something with a high velocity and lots of noise.  Do yourself a favor and go shoot at some competitions.

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