AR update

My dad always taught me not to rush into any purchase.  “Sleep on it and do your research” he would say.  Heeding these words of wisdom, I spent yesterday reading online reviews and talking to several people in my LGS that have a PSA lower.  Satisfied that I was going to get a decent product for my hard earned money and with FFL info in hand, I sat down a few minutes ago to order my lower.  Much to my dismay, I was greeted by those horrible words, “temporarily out of stock”.  So now, with two days left in the special shipping offer, I am going to check regularly and hope someone at their factory drops a whole tray of AR lowers on the ground and “blemishes” them.  Worst case scenario, I wait until Sunday and just order the regular lower for $100.

Dive! Dive!

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3 Responses to AR update

  1. That Guy says:

    Might be for the best. I had some issues with PSA on my past order on a special deal they had. A buddy of mine is having an even worse time with them.

  2. NotClauswitz says:

    Check-out Wiedners? Unless they really screw-up, a lower is a lower – it just holds the fire-control bits and pieces. I got a Lauer at first because that’s what the FFL in my shooting club had, then I paid xxxtra for a Noveske, just because…

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