Twenty-Two Tuesday 1st edition

I would like to start a new trend here on this blog.  Every Tuesday, I will try to put out some pictures and info on a .22 firearm.  I will be looking for older and less well-known .22s to post, but you should also expect some modern ones that pique my interest as well.  Without further ado, let’s get this first Twenty-Two Tuesday underway.

Courtesy of Peashooter85, I give you the Hafdasa Criolla.


“A simple blowback .22LR pistol, the Criolla has one very special element to its design.  Notice the large open receiver/chamber.  A person could change the direction in which the empty cartridge by turning the bolt left or right, essentially making it an ambidextrous pistol.  The guns were manufactured by Hafdasa, an Argentinian company that also manufactures vehicles, aircraft, and machinery.”

Now, I admit that I have never heard about this gun before it was brought to my attention by Peashooter85, but at first glance, I see a few things that are really sweet.  First, it looks awesome, but I have a thing for small caliber pocket pistols (KT P32 currently in my pajama pocket as I’m writing this).  Next you will notice that the bolt appears to be locked back, which leads me to assume that the cocking piece on the back is non-reciprocating, very interesting.  Sights are miniscule, as is the case on most mouseguns with the rear being a raised bump with a notch on the rear of the cocking knob.  Here is a shot of the other side


Controls for this firearm are a trigger and a manual safety.  I am supposing that it has the European style heel type magazine release.  The safety appears to be of very similar construction to that of my Raven MP-25 which is a simple wheel with a notch cut into it to allow the sear to drop when rotated to the fire position.  Not the best type, I would not trust it.

I found a picture of one stripped down.  It appears I was initially incorrect on the construction of the safety(13, 14, 15).  It is also interesting to note that the mag release and the hammer share the mainspring for their operation(11, 16, 17).  And I think I figured out the “cocking piece.”  It is amazing how much you can tell from a good detail strip.  The pistol is actually cocked by grabbing the bolt on either side by its serrations (duh, don’t know how I missed those at first) through the pair of ejection ports and pulled to the rear.

Final thoughts: Negatives aside, something about this pistol really speaks to me and I would like to have one.  I like the grip angle a whole lot, it gives it a very classy look.  I am also a sucker for obscure things, and this one seems to fit the bill very well.  I enjoy the challenge of shooting pocket pistols and .22s are better because trigger time is very affordable.  Tune in next week for another Twenty-Two Tuesday.

Dive! Dive!

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2 Responses to Twenty-Two Tuesday 1st edition

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    I want a Whiney Wolverine!

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