Twenty-Two Tuesday 2nd ed.

Welcome back for another .22 Tuesday.  Today we will be taking a look at the Whitney Wolverine.

She certainly is an elegant little shooter, especially with the nickel finish.  Shamelessly taken out of wikipedia, here is some background on this Buck Rogers Ray gun look-alike:

The Wolverine was engineered by Robert Hillberg, who learned about aluminum casting during WWII while working with aircraft guns and later became research engineer for High Standard Manufacturing Company. Only 13,371 of these .22 semi automatic pistols were made in its short period of production between 1956 and 1958[citation needed]. There were approximately 500 nickel plated according to company records, the rest finished in varying shades of anodized blue, The plastic grips came in either a black,dark brown or white, the white grips are found mostly on the nickel plated models. The frame being investment cast by Alcoa was a new idea for the gun industry at the time, now it is widely used by almost every major gun manufacturer today.

Its name “Wolverine” was named after Mr. Hillberg’s favorite football team, the University of Michigan Wolverines. A victim of extremely poor marketing in the beginning, financial problems and then being under priced by $2.00 by both Ruger and Colt with their new semi-automatics .22, the company was doomed.

The original retail price was $39.95 blue and $44.95 nickel plated.

Now, being a diehard Ohio State Buckeye’s fan, I have to say Mr. Hillberg had poor taste in college football teams, but I can look past that and really appreciate his groundbreaking approach to mass producing firearms at a relatively low-cost.  Here is some more eye candy for you:

Since I do not own one of these, I will defer you to an excellent YT channel of weird and obscure guns.  Here is LifeSizePotato‘s review of the Whitney Wolverine:

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Twenty-Two Tuesday and if you have any suggestions on weird and cool .22 firearms, leave a comment and look for it in future editions.

Dive! Dive!

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6 Responses to Twenty-Two Tuesday 2nd ed.

  1. harp1034 says:

    Take a look at the S&W 2206 .22LR. The barrel is under the full length lug. No longer made.

  2. NotClauswitz says:

    I would buy one of the new ones!

  3. LLoyd says:

    I have an original nickle plated Whitney with white grips. Manufactured betwen 1955 and 1962. I would like to find out what the date of manufacture for this one is but as of yet have not found access to that info. Do you know where I might find a list of manufacture date by serial number?

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