The Plastic Mak

Thanks to Peashooter85 once again for learnin’ me something new.

Quick, what was the first pistol to utilize a polymer frame?  Some would answer, the Glock 17….. close but no cigar.  Some more enlightened people would answer with the H&K VP70 (myself included)…….. but that wasn’t it either.  The Glock made its debut in 1981 as a contestant for Austria’s new service sidearm.  The H&K VP70 came about several years before in 1970 and as a polymer frame handgun that “had nevuh been done befo” it was a radical idea.  Or was it.  Rewind a few more years to 1965 and we see that the Russians actually hold the title for designing the first plastic framed handgun.  They came up with a version of their Walther PP knockoff, the Makarov PM, that utilized a plastic frame.  This experimental version was designated the TKB-023 and never got really far.  All I have for you is a picture and appears to be a normal looking Makarov.  The trigger guard no longer appears to be able to pull down for disassembly so there must have been a takedown lever or other device to field strip it.  If anyone can point me in the direction of more info for this, please leave a comment.


Dive! Dive!

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