Twenty-Two Tuesday

I’m having trouble come up with a weird or rare .22 for us to look at today so I have chosen to look at the NAA Mini revolver.  This has been on my ‘rainy day buy’ list for quite some time and for good reason.  These are excellent quality little pistols and have a nifty factor about them that I simply can’t resist.  I know that some people like to carry these as back up guns, or even primary as a deep concealment and if that is how you roll, go for it, I’m glad your packing something.  For me, this is more of a novelty gun, range toy, and maybe snake dispatcher.  I enjoy the challenge of shooting small guns and with these available in .22 short, LR, and WMR, I can afford to do a lot of that.  This is the model that I want, the ‘Black Jack’.

Dive! Dive!

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