Got some Mosin love today.

Put 75 rounds through Nadya the M-44 today.  Here’s the first five standing at 50m. 


Bench testing confirms she shoots left with the bayonet folded.  Regardless, I’m minute of deer or pig at ranges I will be shooting them at, so I’m happy.  I also got to run a mag through a Romanian PSL someone had just bought.  Always fun to shoot anything chambered in the glorious cartridge of the Motherland, 7.62x54r.  Get out there and take someone shooting.
Dive! Dive!

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2 Responses to Got some Mosin love today.

  1. You need a psl. Mosigns are sweet, a psl is better!

    • I actually have a hankering for a Vepr in 7.62x54r, either that or I have seen an AK54 with Dragunov forend and regular AK stock and pistol grip. I would love that. The PSL stock was way too short for me.

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