So I landed a job

At a local gun  shop here in San Diego and the first two days have been great.  An 8 hour shift there flies by compared to any other job I have ever held.  I’m pretty much in heaven, I get to talk guns all day, handle firearms that I have only ever dreamed of holding.  As expected AR lowers are flying off the shelves almost quicker than I can put them back.  In fact I sold 5 lowers today to one guy.  Also, the amount of new shooters coming in to buy their first gun(s) just warms my heart.  Today I sold an MKA 1919, Saiga 5.45, Daniel Defense M-4V4, Glock 19 and 21SF, S&W M&P9, and a Springfield XDM9 3.8.  I love this new job, I can’t wait to get up and go back tomorrow.  I do have my eye on a Romanian TTC Tokarev copy for my Christmas present so I have thought about not even going to this coming weekend’s gun show.  That’s all for now.

Dive! Dive!

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