“Pro 2nd Amendment” pansies

It has taken me a few days to comment on anything regarding the recent massacre at the CT Elementary school.  This is due to the fact that I have a little one of my own attending a similar public school.  I am deeply saddened by this atrocity as I am by every one that has occurred.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in any of those parents shoes, nor do I want to know.  I offer my deepest symathy and prayers for them. 

Today, I am writing about the supposed “pro 2nd amendment” people in the gun culture.  People have been affected by this deeply, that is understandable.  What is not, is the actions that previously pro-gun people and companies have done in response.  Cerberus, owner of Freedom Group (which owns Bushmaster, Remington, and many other well known gun manufacturers), has announced that they intend to sell Freedom Group.  Cheaper than Dirt has announced that they will no longer sell firearms.  Walmart and Dicks have stopped selling “evil assault weapons”, you know, since a piece of metal, wood, and/or plastic is apparently capable of thought and actions all on their own.  Also some proclaimed pro-gun, pro-2nd amendment elected officials have changed their tune and said that the assault weapons ban needs to be re-instated. 

When will people learn that taking away or limiting access to firearms does not stop these atrocities from occurring?  There are already laws and regulations in place that keep criminals and mentally ill people from LEGALLY obtaining guns.  National Instant Criminal Background Check, a whole series of questions one has to fill out on the Form 4473, valid ID.  These work very well.  The problem is, people break the law and get guns anyway through ILLEGAL means.  The CT murderer stole his weapons from his mother and killed her.  No legislation could have prevented that.  Forget about the gun thing for a moment.  Some of the worst civilian massacres that have happened in recent times here in America didn’t even involve guns.  The 9/11 attacks were done with box cutters and airplanes.  Oklahoma city bombing was done with diesel fuel and fertilizer.  These were equally horrible attrocities, but you didn’t see anyone demonizing or trying to restrict those tools.  The means that evil people use to carry out their deeds in not important.  What really should be discussed is the proven ineffectiveness of Gun Free Zones.  Did that scumbag in Colorado pick the closest or biggest movie theater to him?  No, he went out of his way to pick one that he knew for a fact that he would not encounter any opposition.  These mentally ill and psychotic fiends will always pick places like this. 

I left a comment on Cheaper than Dirt’s website, informing them how I feel about their ship jumping and that I will not be patronizing their store ever again.  I intend to write to my elected officials and speak my mind on the fallacy of gun control legislation and the ineffectiveness of Gun Free Zones.  I implore you to do the same.  If we really want to protect the public, our children, and ourselves, we need to do away with Gun Free Zones.  Allow people to excercise their God given basic human right to self defense.  Do not jump ship and give up on this fight for our freedoms.  If anything, fight harder.  The anti-gun crowd will use these terrible losses of life to demonize guns and all those that use them.  They will focus on these murders to try and give their ignorant rhetoric credibility when we all should be mourning the dead and trying to find ways to keep this evil from happening again.  Be sad for our dead and fight for your rights.

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2 Responses to “Pro 2nd Amendment” pansies

  1. Angela says:

    Jared Loughner, James Holmes and Wade Page all purchased their weapons legally.

  2. Cheaper than dirt won’t ship to Ma even though it’s legal. I do no business with them.

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