Miss Scarlett, slowly but surely….

0227130823 0227130826It has been a long time since I first got her back in October.  It seems I picked the absolute worst time build an AR with all the panic price gouging and low supply.  It has been awesome working at Parallax Tactical.  Lots of guys come through there with lightly used, high end AR stuff looking to swap out with something else.  That’s how I got my Sampson 15″ free float for $180 as opposed to the normal $225 I have been seeing.  Next was my Black Hole Weaponry poly-rifled 18″ 1:8 barrel.  I traded a guy for my old Raven .25acp pistol that was collecting dust in my safe.  Now I’m talking to someone about their spare upper and the shop just got a deal on BCGs.  This build might actually get built sometime this year.  *fingers crossed*  The remaining parts will be a Magpul MOE stock, MBUS, nickel boron BCG, some LPK, and a DPMS Miculek comp.

Dive! Dive!


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