Ammo shortage blues

I don’t think there is anything worse than completing a long term project, like my AR, and then not being able to shoot her due to the current state of the ammo market.  I refuse to pay out the nose for ammo online.  Ammo should not be this expensive and the distributors know that.  The problem is, the distributors that get it and sell at normal price get cleaned out by assholes that simply flip it all for profit on craigslist and similar. This is the reason this ammo shortage is continuing.  People are being greedy and taking way more than they need.  A guy came into the shop and was boasting about how he cleaned out Walmart of all their 12ga.  Don’t do this people, the supply is there, take what you need and let others take what they need to stay proficient.  And to the jerk that takes all the bricks of .22 from my local walmart, Screw you!  I have to shoot my Mosin because .22 is too damn expensive to go plink with my son.

The only good thing to come out of this is my STUPID carbine project.  Speaking of that, I did the paperwork for it yesterday and after I wait my CA mandated “cool down period” I can take her home to get it all de-cosmolined.  My plan is to thoroughly clean and de-cosmo, test fire it to ensure physical integrity, and then get into the choppy-choppy.  Expect lots of pictures of the progress over the next month.  I need to buy another spam can of glorious cartridge of the motherland.  This is going to make the perfect truck gun for me.

Dive! Dive!

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3 Responses to Ammo shortage blues

  1. Kalaryn says:

    I take it that your Walmart isn’t limiting how much people can buy? The ones here in Denver are, you are only allowed to buy three boxes per caliber but the way around that is you go back later in the day and get more since there is a shift change. Granted I still can’t find ammo, even with all the stores limiting how much you can buy.

    It is sick what on line sites are charging for .22LR, come on, .38 a round, really! (If not higher)

  2. jon spencer says:

    In stock and not a bad price, but you have to buy it by the case lot.×45-62-grain-danish-by-ama

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