Supply sorta meeting demand..

If only the manufacturers would look at their products before shipping them out.  It’s amazing how fast QC goes out the window when people are throwing exorbitant amounts of money at you just so they can “get their rifle before their gone.”

0424131145a 0424131145b

I wonder how many times this poor guy tried before he gave up and looked for the problem.

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16 Responses to Supply sorta meeting demand..

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  2. Is the Bravo Company Mfg mousepad a cue to the origin of the product or just an unfortunate backdrop?

  3. Bruce H. says:

    I was waiting in line at the SnapOn store one time and a customer came in to exchange a socket that was perfectly formed and finished, except that the drive hole had not been broached.

  4. Rob Keeney says:

    When hardware makers adopt normal software production practices…

    • That Guy says:

      Next Thursday there will be a patch released to fix that.

      • Canthros says:

        The following Monday, a hotfix will be released to replace the locking lugs that were accidentally removed in Thursday’s patch. Fixes for the firing pin itself will be in our next major release, which should include changes to the following:
        * Bug #32456: Dust cover does not open when bolt carrier is retracted (High)
        * Bug #33130: Front sight post is missing (Medium)
        * Bug #33138: Rear sight aperture is missing (Medium)
        * Bug #35688: Rifle furniture is wrong color (Urgent)
        * Feature #34456: Support for alternative projectiles/shotgun (High)

        Bug #32117: Where is the barrel shroud?! It is the shoulder thing that goes up!!! has been closed (Works as Designed).

    • SiGraybeard says:

      That will be an upgrade you’ll have to pay for.

  5. Buck Stienke says:

    But at least you can yell “Pew, Pew, Pew!” when you pull the trigger.

  6. Exurbankevin says:

    [Adam Savage Voice] Well THERE’S your problem! [/Adam Savage Voice]

  7. Rich says:

    A buddy of mine got an AR right before the craziness where the manufacturer had forgotten to drill the gas port in the barrel. He couldn’t figure out why the rifle wouldn’t cycle and had to send it back to Ct. for repair.

  8. Incurvatus says:

    I’m sure there’s a good Chucky Schumer joke in these pictures… pin bent to hell for trying without success; no hole for the pin; utter lack of penetration; when pin-meets-steel; etc.

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  10. Bill B says:

    Sadly….I had to look at it for a while….the actual defect was hard to comprehend

  11. teke175 says:

    According to the VP that’s a feature not a bug.

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