Update on the AK grip

In my last post, I failed to mention how these threaded wood inserts work and received some questions regarding them.  They are threaded on the outside and on the inside with a slot cut in one end for a screwdriver to install them.  I go mine from ACE hardware, but the are available online from places like Amazon.  Just Google “threaded wood insert” and you should find them.  I drilled a large pilot hole so that I didn’t split the cheap wood the Chinese factory used and I used the grip mounting bolt with a jam nut to get it started at the correct angle.  Once started, I took out the bolt and used a screwdriver to finish installing it.  Here are some more pictures of it to help clarify things.  0430132021 0430132023

I hope that these pictures help.

I left my barreled receiver at the shop today with the DPMS Jerry Miculek .308 brake and hopefully my buddy did the hack and thread job for me.  This could have been easily done at home, but he owed me a favor and I trust his work.  Hopefully, I have a nice surprise tomorrow when I get there.  She’s almost done, after this, I just have to chop the stock, install the side folder and front sight.  After that, a sweet Krylon camo job will complete her.  I’ll keep you posted.

Dive! Dive!

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