Teh STUPID got a folding stock

While my barrel is at the shop waiting to be cut down and threaded, I decided to attach the folding stock.  After much hemming and hawing with a little bit of measuring, I took the wood saw to the stock.  Pretty square cut for not having a vice and/or miter box.

0505131101 0505131103Next, I drilled some pilot holes for the threaded wood inserts, starting with 1/8″ and slowly going up to 3/8″.  The inserts went in well and should provide a decently strong anchor point for the folding stock to handle 7.62x54r recoil.

0505131124 0505131131


The ACE side folder installed nicely



I had to remove a little wood from the bottom edge and also contoured the sides as well.  Here she is in all her bubba glory:

0505131212 0505131212a 0505131212b 0505131213 0505131213a 0505131214 0505131214a 0505131214b


All that’s left now is getting my shortened barrel back, welding the front sight back on, and giving her a paint job.  I was also thinking of installing a stubby Magpul vertical fore grip, I might as well at this point.  I think it might help with operating the bolt, giving me a little more torque to break the action open.  Until next update….

Dive! Dive!


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5 Responses to Teh STUPID got a folding stock

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  2. That Guy says:

    I love this build. It’s right in my wheelhouse.

  3. 3boxesofbs says:

    That is so gloriously “Bubba” it should win at the Academy Awards.
    Looking good. Great detail work

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