Guilty until proven… screw it, guilty!

I had to share this article from JayG in Mass, regarding info that has come out showing that the DOJ has helped facilitate anti-Zimmerman protests.  Take the time to read it.

My personal views on the case aside, this is totally messed up.  What has happened to Due Process?  This whole ordeal just pisses me off.  For starters, all the knee jerk reactions and hate crime talk, hysteria, and media bias.  The president publicly giving heavy emotional support for the deceased and family, which the sheeple just nod and whole heartedly jump on Der Furher’s bandwagon without waiting for facts to come to light.  And yet, he didn’t even bother mentioning real American Heroes when they are murdered.  Tasteless Trayvon Martin shooting targets, the list goes on.  Due process is there for a reason, use it.  It makes me sick, the amount of racial bigotry on both sides.  

That’s all I can stomach for now.  I have some pictures and reviews coming of the Mosin chamber insert and also a new upper I built for Scarlett.  Also, there will be a Makarov IJ-70 added in the near future.  Expect a review on that as well.  Until next time.

Dive! Dive!

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