How I feel when I’m at the range

modern minuteman


BTW, I think I’ve come up with a name for my SPR build.  Deborah Samson.  She enlisted as a man during the revolutionary war and fought most of the way through it until she was wounded.  Helluva fighter, and I hope my rifle will do justice to her namesake.

Dive! Dive!

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3 Responses to How I feel when I’m at the range

  1. charlie says:

    Where can the tee shirt with this exact design be had from?

  2. kairisfamilyenterprises says:

    May I inquire as to where you got the image on this post entry? Is it your drawing? Do you have the copyright? I’m writing a fiction book and this image depicts the theme of my story. I found it on a regular Google search under Minuteman image. I’d like to possibly use a variation of it for my book. Thank you. John Kairis,

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