I made a pseudo-Dissipator

I had a bunch of parts laying around and got a great deal on a 14.5″ barrel, so I made this. I took an A2 birdcage and turned down the diameter of the wrench flat area so that it would fit under the front sight base.  This also hid the pin and weld of the flash hider quite nicely.  Now I have a snub nosed Dissipator.  Enjoy:

0516141100 0516141101b 0516141100c

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4 Responses to I made a pseudo-Dissipator

  1. That Guy says:

    That is pretty cool. Makes the longest possible sight radius for a given rifle length.

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  3. Gladorn says:

    Maybe I’m a little confused. The Dissipator appears to be approximately 1″, add 14.5″ barrel = 15.5″ which is less than 16″. So does this make it a SBR, or did the A2 style front sight help add that extra length? (Or maybe that front sight not the gas block for that carbine?) It looks very nice, by the way!

    • Not an NFA item, I had to add a spacer and crush washer to get it to 16.1″. Pin and weld of the flash hider makes it legal. I triple checked before I welded it just to make sure.

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