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How I feel when I’m at the range

  BTW, I think I’ve come up with a name for my SPR build.  Deborah Samson.  She enlisted as a man during the revolutionary war and fought most of the way through it until she was wounded.  Helluva fighter, and … Continue reading

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No more Ft. Hoods

Please consider signing this white house petition to allow your service members to protect themselves on their bases.  Standard gate guards on military bases wont stop shootings like this when they start.  Thanks for your time. Dive! Dive!

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More crazy Mosin builds

  I really like this, probably kicks like a mule given the absence of a brake, but I like the lightweight concept.  A buddy of mine at work  is starting a scout rifle project on a Type 53.  He has … Continue reading

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Weekend milsurp picture

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Name your guns?

MAC has a great article up on naming your guns.  Go check it out Vera I name my favorite guns but some just don’t get enough love to rate a name.  Also, I find that when you either build a … Continue reading

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A rare find

Whilst perusing the Makarov forums, someone happened to mention that there had been an auction for a Russian PSM on Gunbroker(  I don’t know how it got into the states because the PSM didn’t make enough “points” to satisfy the … Continue reading

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