Living in Komiefornia

I can’t think of a more perfect definition of a love-hate relationship than how I feel about being stationed in San Diego.  This place is awesome.  The weather is perfect.  For example, on the way in to work today, I glance down at the dash to see that it is a cool 74F midday in the middle of July.  Clear, blue skies above and a gentle breeze from the Pacific.  I can’t remember the last time I used the A/C in my truck.  Next is the terrain, there is everything here.  There are mountains, deserts, grassy parks, and beaches.  Pretty much anything an outdoors guy could want.  They even have gorgeous forrested camping areas if you go north an hour or two.  Excellent fishing can be had inland, off the pier at Pacific Beach, and in deep water if you know a guy with a boat (like I do).  Any outdoor activity can be planned without worry of rain showers spoiling your experience.  The people are rather laid back, even though a little too democratic for my taste. 

And now on to the reasons I hate living in the People’s Republik of Komiefornia.  Now most, if not all, of these will be firearm/2nd ammendment related.  Stupid ass Brady bill is up for starters.  I had to wait 10 days (to the minute) after purchasing my Glock to pick it up.  Since I wasn’t thinking about this when I bought it, the timing was such that the shop was closed on Saturday and Sunday, making me wait until the following Monday to pick up my property.  Next, obtaining a concealed carry permit  is damn near impossible unless the chief of police is on your payroll, you are a prominent government official, and in rare instances death threat recipients.  And since this state severely restricts concealed carry, people tried to open carry their handguns.  More retarded legislature was passed making people have to carry an empty gun on their hip, magaizines separate.  But of course open carrying would just invite every cop for miles to come and unlawfully accost you making sure that “you are not a felon.”  And as of Jan 1st this year, you are no longer allowed to even open carry within city limits.  The same goes for rifles.  Talk about some messed up shit.  Then there’s the whole Bullet Button cluster fuck.  As I understand it, an eeeevil “Assault Rifle” can only have a certain amount of shoulder-thing’s-that-go-up-type of contraptions.  Magazines on centerfire, semi-automatic rifles are restricted to 10 rounds, and require a tool to remove.  And now they are trying to outlaw the way law abiding citizens are complying with the bullet button law.  Why can’t they just give it up already, open their eyes, and realize the kindergarten level logic that if you take the guns away from the law-abiding citizens, the bad guys are still going to get the greater than ten round mags, normal mag releases, barrel shrouds, flash hiders, etc, etc.  That is why they are bad guys, they don’t follow the law. 

These are some of the reasons I don’t like it here.  I am stuck here a minimum of 2 more years, so I think that I’ll just try to look past the crap and see the good that San Diego has to offer.  If I can get orders back to Groton, CT at least I will be able to carry again and with normal capacity mags for my Glock.  I can’t stand being a subject and denied my rights as a citizen.

Dive! Dive!

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  1. Ya ought try living in the Peoples republic of Massholevania. I fell your pain.

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