Happy Birthday US Navy!

Also, I found a cool video of russian kids


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Apparently, F-troop is registering your firearms without your knowledge.  Check it out here on Vuurwapen’s blog.  This is extraordinarily infuriating and makes me despise them even more.  The BATFE is a bunch of bullshit and doesn’t accomplish anything except kill your pets (for their safety), raid incorrect houses, lose firearms to drug cartels, murder women holding their babies, kill more kids in Waco than in Sandy Hook, and infringe upon your’s and my natural born, constitutionally enumerated rights.

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good for some laughs

Shared from ENDO

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How I feel when I’m at the range

modern minuteman


BTW, I think I’ve come up with a name for my SPR build.  Deborah Samson.  She enlisted as a man during the revolutionary war and fought most of the way through it until she was wounded.  Helluva fighter, and I hope my rifle will do justice to her namesake.

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No more Ft. Hoods

Please consider signing this white house petition to allow your service members to protect themselves on their bases.  Standard gate guards on military bases wont stop shootings like this when they start.  Thanks for your time.

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More crazy Mosin builds

mosin ace carbon fiber scoutrifle.org


I really like this, probably kicks like a mule given the absence of a brake, but I like the lightweight concept.  A buddy of mine at work  is starting a scout rifle project on a Type 53.  He has already cut the barrel down and added a Jerry Miculek muzzle brake.  He is going to add a scout scope mount and extended eye relief scope.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.  I’ll post some pics when he’s done.

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Weekend milsurp picture

MN russian uniformed woman

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Name your guns?

MAC has a great article up on naming your guns.  Go check it out


I name my favorite guns but some just don’t get enough love to rate a name.  Also, I find that when you either build a gun or get a used one and tear it down to small parts for cleaning, you have a more in depth knowledge and understanding of it.  My AR Carbine is named Scarlett, being that she is a sweet southern belle from Palmetto State Armory.  My new SPR build is still awaiting a name.  My 10/22 is Maeve, M-44 Mosin Nagant is Nadya, and my Glock 19 is Teagan.  Share your gun names in the comments.

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A rare find

Whilst perusing the Makarov forums, someone happened to mention that there had been an auction for a Russian PSM on Gunbroker(http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=361213085).  I don’t know how it got into the states because the PSM didn’t make enough “points” to satisfy the ATF for import.  This gun was designed as a badge of rank for higher military leaders and is basically a copy of the Makarov PM, in terms of operation.  It is a DA/SA with a decocking safety lever on the rear of the slide, and operates via direct blow back action.  This gun is incredibly thin, but other than that it is very similar in size to the PM.  It reminds me of the Walther PP and TPH relationship.  It fires a very interesting 5.45x18mm round that was designed for piercing soft body armour by clandestine KGB agents as a relatively high energy/low recoil round.  This gun is rather useless as a military piece, but given the country of origin, I imagine they did see some use as the “better option” than the gulag for failing to do the leader’s bidding.  I have always been enamored with this svelte little commie pistol and it is on my bucket list, even though short of winning the lottery, I will most likely never own one.  Very cool and rare, which explains the $3000.00 price tag.  For more info on this cool piece, check out some of these sites:

This is a terrific read and really dispells a lot of myths associated with this little pocket rocket.  The seller was kind enough to point it out in the ad.

Some standard specs.

These are the pictures from the auction and are not mine:

psm1 psm2 psm3 psm4 psm5 psm6 psm7 psm8 psm9


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Guns and Science

I’ve been watching this guys channel for almost a year now and he never fails to impress and/or teach me.


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