A tale of “9 lives”

Among the many youtube channels that I subscribe to, Iraqveteran8888 is one of those channels that most people write off as just a bunch of rednecks that do stupid things with guns.  Take them for what you will, I have taken a liking to them.  They are a little redneck, but you know what, so am I and I’m not ashamed of it.  They do lots interesting things with different firearms and I would feel a lot safer on the firing line with them than I would your average Joe at the local range.  Plus, they seem to share a love of all surplus military rifles like myself.  Several of their videos have to do with a little Brazilian CBC Model SB .410 shotgun someone brought into their pawn shop.  It had a cracked stock and bent barrel.  They decided to make some instructional videos about the dangers of loading the wrong ammo in a gun not designed for it.  Well, after watching the little gun digest a couple .444 Marlin with no sign of damage, they decided to take it in another direction and see what exactly would kill it.  The results are extremely surprising.  This humble hunk of junk took on a total of 9 rounds of varying calibers that any respectable gunnut like myself would never have thought about doing, much less actually try it.  In total, it digested one round of .45 Colt, one round of .44 Mag, two rounds of .444 Marlin, and five rounds of .454 Casull 300gr +P GDHP.  Now this full choked boomstick had a bore measured at .387″  Could you imagine the chamber pressures it was getting while ramming a .452″ diameter slug down its barrel?  They checked it repeatedly over the course of testing and it retained its bore size with no signs of over pressure, bulges, cracks, splits, nothing.  Flabbergasted is a good term for how I felt watching this.  It is rather scary to see the rounds that will chamber in a .410 shotgun.  I’m pretty sure a S&W .460 would even fit in there.  What finally brought down this 9 life wonder was a hand loaded .454 Casull with a 405gr hardcast lead slug sitting over 45 grains of what they called “range chaff”  Now, I’m not sure what that is, possibly random dud rounds with bullets pulled and powder mixed together, who knows.  It would be interesting to see how many factory loaded rounds of .444 Marlin one of these could take.  I’m not gonna try it, and you better not either, but my inquisitive mind demands satisfaction.  Here are some links to all the videos that they made with the Brazilian .410:  Lost arts part 4, lost arts part 6, the one that killed it, and the aftermath.  Requiescat in Pace, 9 Lives.  Your death was not in vain (it caused me at least 20 minutes of happiness and awe).  For the love of all that is holy, do not try this at home.  Just wait for those rednecks with guns a video camera do it for you and enjoy from the safety of your computer screen.

Dive! Dive!

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