Twenty-Two Tuesday 3rd ed.

Welcome back for another .22 Tuesday.  Today we have another innovative design that combines a bolt action and a semi-auto system.  This is the Walther Model 1 carbine.


Looks plain enough, right?  The Model 1 has a removable box magazine of 5 rounds, but a 9 round magazine was also available.  It utilizes a simple blowback action in semi-auto and the convert it to bolt action, all that needs to be done is to turn the bolt handle down, locking the bolt and keeping it from cycling.  Bolt action mode is just like any other out there with the exception that you have to overcome the recoil spring(it’s a .22, not gonna be hard).  There is not much out there on the interwebs about this old rifle, in fact most of the information I have is from LifeSizePotato’s video which we will get to in a minute.  This is a fairly simple rifle and one would be led to ask why such a rifle would be made.  Well, I don’t have the answer and I don’t think anyone does.  This may very well be a case of “because we can.”  Looking past the reason why, I really like this rifle and would love to handle and shoot one.  Here we have an exploded view:

And lastly, we have what appears to be an excerpt from the owner’s manual.And now for some videos:

Dive! Dive!


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4 Responses to Twenty-Two Tuesday 3rd ed.

  1. Peter says:

    OMG… i was looking on the internet, trying to find some information about a gun i got this summer from my dad. Actually my grandma gave it to him after grandpa passed away and I never knew he had it. but this summer he took me aside on my 25th birthday and gave me the best present i could hope for, a Walther Model 2. So we shot it a couple times @ the horsefarm and it performs great. At home i took it completely apart and cleaned it. It is so easy build that i didn,t even need a manual. And in search for a handbook i came across this page. I want to thank you that you answered most of my questions to this rifle with just this single post.
    The only thing thats left to do is find me a bigger magazin for my loved gun 😉

  2. Ivan Alt says:

    Hi Guys
    I came across you guys chatting about the little Walther Model I/II. I am desperately looking for a firing pin for this little beauty. This little rifle is superb on the farm for verminn control, but it isn’t worth much without a firing pin.

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