AK grip on a Mosin?

Yeah, I did it.  Teh STUPID project continues and now she’s rocking a sweet AK grip.  I used a threaded wood insert to provide the anchor point and it seems to have worked well.  In order to get it to fit, I used a 4 in hand file to remove some material from the top of the grip to make it mate up with the curvature of the wood stock.  I haven’t shot it yet, but it feels really nice when I shoulder it and allows for a nicer, straight back trigger pull instead of pulling it up and backwards.  Once I get the muzzle brake installed, I will then do the folding stock.  I plan on using more threaded wood inserts to install that.  Anyway, here are some new pictures of her:

0427131428 0427131428a 0427131446 0427131446a


Hopefully I will be able to hack the barrel on Tuesday, wish me luck.

Dive! Dive!

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7 Responses to AK grip on a Mosin?

  1. 3boxesofbs says:

    There is something profoundly –not necessarily wrong but odd enough almost to the point of wrong –different about that image.

    Your rifle and I enjoy that many people will be screaming in agony over the bubba’ing of this rifle but probably not something I would do.
    Is that a folding stock you plan to attach?

    Not sure if I’m brave or crazy enough to shoot a pistol gripped mosin.

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  3. Windy Wilson says:

    Interesting. Not something I would have thought to do, but interesting, and it demonstrates you are handy and think “outside the box”. I’m sure you’ll get objections from the same people who objected to my K-31 scout rifle, saying it was already a fine and perfect rifle, why “improve” it. Let us all know how the recoil is with the folding stock and the AR grip.

  4. question: How do you install those inserts, and where do you get them?

    • I got mine at ACE hardware although you can get them on Amazon, just google “threaded wood inserts”. Installation required a relatively large pilot hole drilled so that the wood didn’t split. One end of them is slotted for a screwdriver for installation.

  5. Lyle says:

    Wood, not a synthetic stock? You’re gonna need some rails. And a 20 round detachable magazine. And a flat dark earth cerakote job.

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